Grupo Miramar is committed to sustainability with Bettergy

Miramar is a real estate developer with a long history in the sector with different commercial and hotel assets. Bettergy has been working with the Group since 2021, digitalising the consumption of its assets and improving the energy efficiency and sustainability of its sites, also managing its Energy Saving Certificates as a Delegated Subject.

  • One of these assets is the Miramar Shopping Park, located in Mijas, Malaga, one of the largest shopping centres on the Costa del Sol. In 2023 the commissioning of the solar photovoltaic installation started. The project consists of a photovoltaic plant connected to the grid for collective self-consumption of 221kW, from which an annual energy generation of 1,961,090 kWh is expected. In this way, this installation becomes the largest plant located in a shopping centre in the province of Malaga.

The installation, developed by Bettergy, will have a total of 2,220 solar modules and 10 inverters. The object of this project will be for the park to reduce its carbon footprint and avoid the emission of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

What advantages will the Photovoltaic Installation have for the Miramar Shopping Centre?

  • Partial change in the energy source of Parque Comercial Miramar, towards a renewable, sustainable and environmentally friendly energy.
  • Savings, from the moment of installation, in the electricity bill and control over the electrical behaviour of the installation.
  • Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere, limiting the carbon footprint of the business park’s activity.
  • Strengthening the image of Parque Comercial Miramar, with a visible and innovative action in the region, differentiating itself as an entity committed to sustainable development and climate change.

With this new plant, the Miramar Shopping Centre will avoid the emission of more than 900 tonnes of CO2 per year. The use of photovoltaic solar energy allows the centre to opt for an environmentally friendly and forward-looking energy alternative. This more intelligent use of energy will generate savings from the moment of installation and will have direct control over the electrical behaviour of the plant.

  • Subsequent to this installation, the 700 KW installation on the roof of the Miramar Shopping Centre in Fuengirola began. This project is divided into two phases. A first phase in which preparation, adaptation and waterproofing of the affected surface will be carried out and a second phase, where the calculations of the piping, electrical panels and circuits of the photovoltaic installation will be carried out.

This new installation will have 1,274 photovoltaic panels, 14 DC to AC inverters and the electrical and electronic components that allow the necessary connections for the correct operation of the installation.

The estimated energy production for the installation is 1,833.6 MWh/year and the environmental balance of the installation, in terms of CO2 emissions reduction, represents a saving of 366.70 Tn CO2/year.

  • These actions will be completed with the photovoltaic installation on Pier 1, one of the most emblematic places in the city of Malaga, with a unique installation.

In this way, Bettergy will manage the energy production of the plants and the consumption of the different assets through the Collective Self-consumption models with its EnergySequence platform.

Bettergy continues its development work in these projects, betting on a complete turnkey integration for its clients, digitalising the consumption, supplying and installing the equipment, providing its experience in energy project engineering, and at the same time managing the different available subsidies.

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