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In 2015, Bettergy, formerly known as Vatia, became one of the twelve cleantech initiatives awarded and supported by the European Union to transform the energy sector on the continent. We were guided by three key principles: digitalization, which we implemented through our EnergySequence platform; decentralization of the sector, executed via Distributed Generation programs for large end customers or through aggregators (such as utilities, partners, and banks); and decarbonization, achieved through significant Energy Efficiency projects for industrial and commercial clients, as well as public entities. As Delegated Subjects, we guaranteed the reduction of carbon footprint and energy costs.

Since then, independent of bubbles or short-term thinking, we have designed a genuine approach based on pillars that ensure the long-term sustainability of our company. Our team, where integrity and customer care come first, works tirelessly to provide innovative solutions, enabling the growth of the company, its employees, and our clients spanning across four continents and twelve countries. We take pride in extending this journey to other regions and advising major clients and international financial institutions, all with the shared goal of creating a better world filled with growth opportunities, detached from fossil fuel consumption.


Bettergy was awarded by the European Commission in 2015 as the most prominent startup in the field of sustainable energy, with significant multinational contributions in selecting the best technological ideas in Europe.
In 2021, Bettergy participated in the European incubation program REACH, aimed at technology startups and SMEs, and was selected among the top 10 participating companies, thanks to the DSS (Digital Solar Storage) project—a cutting-edge software solution for the optimal management of energy assets.
In 2016, Bettergy was awarded the Strategic Action Program for the Digital Economy and Society (AEESD) for its energy data management platform. We conducted research to advance the digitalization of the energy sector.
Bettergy was chosen as one of the top 16 Big Data companies in the European Data Incubator (EDI) program, reaching the experimentation phase in 2019 with the ENERGYSEQUENCE digital platform for energy efficiency.
In 2022 and 2023, Bettergy, in collaboration with other partners in the energy sector, executed three experimental development projects co-financed by the Ministry of Industry, Commerce, and Tourism through the support of Innovative Business Groups (AEIs) under the AEI2022 and AEI2022b Calls for Proposals.
In 2022, Bettergy was chosen by the Urban Tech Project accelerator to participate in the International Clean Energy Hackathon with two prototypes based on data and AI techniques aimed at enhancing the energy experience: 'One-minute SOLAR' and 'E-Forecasting.'
In 2020, Bettergy was chosen by the Innowwide Program to internationalize its digital product, EnergySequence, in Europe and Latin America. This program enabled us to collaborate with international partners who have enhanced the usability and capabilities of our digital platform.
In 2019, Bettergy received the Seal of Excellence from the European Union, representing the company's high level of quality and innovation, particularly for its energy data analysis platform, EnergySequence.

International Projects

We were born as a global company, and as such, our team works to ensure that our solutions can be applied anywhere in the world.

In recent years, we have developed projects in different parts of the world, across four different continents (Australia, Ireland, Indonesia, Mexico, Chile, Argentina, Ecuador, Colombia, Bolivia, Costa Rica). It is our intention to continue growing and establishing ourselves internationally as a global company.

Our principles remain steadfast, and we seek partners and allies in each of the countries where we are expanding our work. We aim to engage with countries where energy savings, sustainability, and the control and intelligence of energy data are of concern, and where these challenges are seen as opportunities for future growth.

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