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What do we offer


  • WHAT?: As our partner, we offer you assistance from our technical/commercial team, with marketing material as well as training workshops on the use of our proprietary digital tools. We help you strengthen your customer-centric business model by offering you personalized recommendations on energy efficiency and distributed generation.


  • HOW?: As our partner, we offer you assistance service from our technical/commercial team. In addition, we offer training workshops on the use of our own digital tools, based on digital calculators for solar self-consumption, energy efficiency, and Energy Saving Certificates, which are based on years of experience in data collection, Artificial Intelligence, and simplified models to favor the scalability and precision of recommendations and their implementation, based on our EnergySequence platform.


  • WHY?:Are you an installer or Specialized Channel that wants to receive the best advice and tools to sell more and be able to receive additional income for saving? Don’t hesitate to contact us!
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Personalized Offer

The Customer, Our Priority

Through the digital channel, via our EnergySequence platform, we have been able to offer the best products related to solar self-consumption, the creation of energy communities, and the development of energy efficiency projects. We also provide turnkey installation services for electric vehicle charging points.

Our offers are issued in a 100% personalized manner, tailored to the customer’s needs and consumption data.


Together We Are More

By partnering, we become stronger, resulting in a more competitive brand with a better reputation. In such a competitive market, this is essential. We have a team of specialists in the energy sector, software experts, and data analysts, enabling us to offer an unparalleled service to our clients.

These individuals work tirelessly to ensure that Bettergy always presents itself as a trusted company in the energy sector. We are confident that we can improve the way energy is used.


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