We change the way people use energy

At Bettergy, we leverage our customers’ data to effectively implement energy-saving strategies


We analyze data and propose real solutions that we put into action

EnergySequence, the web platform to drive Energy Efficiency and Distributed Generation.

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Savings last year

Data Analysis and Software

The web platform for intelligent energy management evaluates savings opportunities and their tracking, achieving more savings in less time and cost.

Solar Calculator

Discover clearly and simply how much you can save with solar energy using our calculator. It's time to take control of your savings!"

R+D+i Projects

We develop innovation projects with European excellence that allow us to bring new business models and innovative energy management approaches closer to our clients.

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Energy Providers in Data Analysis
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Clients in Energy Efficiency
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Monitored Installations
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Distributed Generation

We put your Energy Data into action

We are experts in optimizing the energy consumption of our clients during a time of significant transformation in the energy sector. We enhance the relationship between energy users and providers, adapting to changes effectively

what do we offer?

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Solar Photovoltaic Installations

Experts in the Industrial, Commercial, and Residential sectors, specializing in EPC projects and structuring PPA's. With over 10 years of experience, we excel in managing large portfolios. We combine this expertise with the digital ecosystem of EnergySequence

Energy Efficiency as a Service

Subject Delegate for Energy Savings Certificate Management. We optimize energy costs, providing a "Software as a Service" training through our digital platform, carrying out turnkey complex Energy Efficiency projects in the Industrial and Commercial sectors.

Energy Management

At Bettergy, we have a virtual energy manager for energy efficiency that provides monitoring, control, alerts, and energy improvement measures.

EV Charging Solutions

We install electric vehicle charging projects, and through EnergySequence, we gather and analyze consumption and energy sales data from the charging point.


Customized action to reduce environmental footprints: digital strategy, clean technologies, and precise tracking towards sustainability. Our expertise drives a green and resilient future for your organization.


How do we work?


We are integrators of energy management and energy efficiency solutions, achieved through digitalization and distributed generation, while also contributing to decarbonization efforts.


We work with industrial companies of all sizes to achieve energy management goals and offer the implementation of cost-effective energy efficiency and distributed generation programs.


We analyze the energy needs of our clients to save energy, time, and money. We manage portfolios of installations and the implementation of digital technologies to enhance their value.


We contribute to creating prosperous cities. Intelligent solutions in the energy and environmental data management field enable cities not only to function, but to transform themselves


Results of the present for the Electric Company of the future. Bettergy reactivates the electric company-client relationship to create a new energy future and digitize customer data to execute savings projects


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