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The solution you are looking for for the installation of a recharging station

Our commitment is to put into action the data available in electricity, public and private customers through digital tools to accelerate the implementation of distributed generation solutions and energy efficiency to save resources.

At Bettergy we take care of the installation of your charging point, for electric or plug-in hybrid vehicles.


  • Attractive Design
  • Fast or semi-fast charging
  • Reliability and Control.
  • Recharging of two vehicles simultaneously.
  • Charging Power Regulation.
  • User Identification System
  • Tariff system for individualized consumption.
  • Control from anywhere, through the Energy Sequence Mobile APP.

Our commitment is to put into action the data available in electric utilities, public and private customers through digital tools that allow accelerating the implementation of distributed generation and energy efficiency solutions to save resources.


We manage the subsidies available on the market that best suit your charging infrastructure. The Moves III plan provides grants of between 70 and 80% of the total cost.


You will contribute to protect the environment by avoiding the emission of CO2 into the atmosphere. 100% electric cars do not emit any polluting gas emissions during their operation.


Our digital tools accelerate the implementation of distributed generation and energy efficiency solutions to save resources.


Recharging point models

Renewable station

Community garage

Private company garage

Private residence garage

Public administration garage


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Thanks to our Energy Sequence platform, all the consumption and energy sales data of the recharging point are collected and analyzed.

With Energy Sequence, you will have a direct and immediate view of the activity of the recharging point, the maintenance needs, the profitability of the energy sold.


Frequently Asked Questions

Private garages, community garages, company facilities, public administrations, recharging points for the staff of your organization. Recharging points for customers.

As an engineering company with extensive knowledge of the electricity sector, Bettergy carries out a study of the current contract and installation conditions for all its clients, and proposes the ideal solution for sizing the recharging point and optimizing the contracted power.

We help you! Bettergy manages all available subsidies, from the administrative adaptation of the project to the justification of the costs, obtaining for the client the non-refundable amount stipulated in the different municipal, regional and state lines.

Bettergy offers its customers the installation of solar-powered charging points. These are “turnkey” projects, where the customer only worries about providing the space for installation and Bettergy offers a complete installation and consulting service.

It is most economical to charge vehicles between 01:00 and 07:00. The cost of charging an electric car depends mainly on two factors: the rate you have contracted and the capacity of the battery of your electric car.

In general, each kWh has an average price ranging between 0.06 € (night) and 0.15 € (day). Therefore, to calculate how much a full battery recharge would cost you, you must multiply the price of each kWh by the number of kWh your battery has.

Bettergy offers all kinds of solutions for the installation of charging points in communal garages. You can install a charging point with the only condition of communicating it to your community, without the need to hold any kind of meeting or vote, thanks to the latest modification of the Horizontal Property Law. All this is included in Law 19/2009, which amends Law 49/1960, of July 21st, on Horizontal Property.