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Calculate your photovoltaic savings potential online

Savings Potential

  • Enhance corporate image with customers through an interactive initial response.
  • Optimize customer acquisition processes through segmentation and digitalization, and orchestrate digital promotion campaigns targeted to the calculator.
  • It is customizable, including the look and feel, technical, and financial calculation parameters.


Sizing of the installation in terms of peak power and surface area used according to:

  1. Configurable technical and economic parameters.
  2. Radiation levels at the location based on geolocation.

What do we offer?

Corporate Image

Choose a proposal from our template catalog or request the creation of a customized report.
Communicate your own story and your value proposition.

  • Company Logo
  • Custom White-label
  • Templates
  • Corporate Domain / URL
  • Email Sending Service
  • Subscription
  • Image Set

Technical and Economic Parameters

We accurately determine energy costs by supporting the electricity tariff system and integrating market prices to establish energy savings and generate transparent and comprehensible economic projections.

  • Supply and installation costs
  • Surface-to-kWp ratio
  • Leasing/payment fee
  • Cost format with or without VAT

Commercial Policy

Integration with other business applications

Responsive Design

Today, we access websites from all types of devices: computer, tablet, smartphone…

An adapted design for the execution of all kinds of digital campaigns.

Digitalization of the sales process

  • Sales analysis: Power BI
  • Mailing: Lite, Mailchimp, AWeber
  • CRM: Teamleader, HubSpot, Salesforce, Zoho, Odoo


Solar Calculator

Calculate your solar potential, get a personalized offer, execute the project and verify the savings.


If you are a large company or PYME and you want a quick and easy way to find the solar installation that best suits your needs, you can choose the one that best suits your needs.


If you are an individual, and you want to install efficiently your installation, advised by great experts in the field.