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The energy that transforms the present.

Generate your own electricity through solar panels.

For years, Bettergy has been driving the development of renewable energies, with a special focus on comprehensive Photovoltaic Self-Consumption solutions.


With solar self-consumption energy, you'll start recovering your investment from day one.


You will contribute to protecting the environment by avoiding the emission of CO2 into the atmosphere.


Our digital tools accelerate the implementation of distributed generation and energy efficiency solutions, helping to save resources.

Our commitment is to put available data from utilities, public, and private customers into action through digital tools that accelerate the implementation of distributed generation and energy efficiency solutions to save resources.


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Calculate your solar potential, receive a personalized quote, execute the project, and verify the savings.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Photovoltaic panels have a life of 25 years, guaranteed by the manufacturer, which could reach up to 30 years. Should one of the panels fail, this does not affect the operation of the others and they can be replaced without any problem.

The client will obtain effective savings from the beginning, since the investment is assumed by us.

Yes! Bettergy helps you manage all available subsidies, from the administrative adaptation of the project to the justification of the costs, with the client obtaining the non-refundable amount stipulated in the different municipal, regional and state lines.

Photovoltaic panels convert solar energy into electricity during the day. At night, power is consumed from the grid, because the customer remains connected to the grid unless the installation is equipped with storage batteries. When it is cloudy, the installation continues to produce energy, but at a lower level.