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What is the CAE System?

Energy Saving Certificates (ESC) are documents that prove that the energy consumer has carried out the energy efficiency improvement actions necessary to obtain annual energy savings. This instrument allows monetizing energy savings, recovering a very important part of the cost of investments in energy efficiency.

Bettergy is one of the first companies to be recognized as a Delegated Subject since it is necessary a high technological qualification and economic solvency to be able to access this classification required by the regulation.

Among the services offered by Bettergy as a Delegated Entity are:

  • Identification of Energy Saving and Efficiency Measures.
  • Calculation of CAE’s generated.
  • Preparation and management of documentation accrediting energy savings.
  • Advice on the choice of offers and signing of CAE agreements.
  • Management of the liquidation before the Obligated Subjects.
  • Engineering and construction management for its implementation.

Process for obtaining the CAES of an Energy Efficiency investment

Bettergy Helps You Generate Income with Energy Saving Certificates (ESCs)

Our energy digitization platform Energy Sequence, now incorporates the management, aggregation, accounting and simulation of CAE’s for both Obligated Entities and Groups of Professionals, Associations and Specialized Channels.

For a direct and personalized advice for the Management of Energy Saving Certificates of your company, do not hesitate to contact us.

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