Moving Towards Decarbonisation in the Hospital Sector

Bettergy, specialist in energy efficiency and energy savings, has been the company in charge of carrying out the energy audit and the analysis of the facilities of the Hospital Universitario Costa del Sol through the contract ‘Energy audit service for the Andalusian Regional Government and its instrumental entities’.

This contract is part of the ‘Framework agreement for the approval of energy audit services for the buildings of the Andalusian Regional Government and its instrumental entities’, in this case for the Costa del Sol University Hospital.

The services consisted of:

  • Analysis of the main consumption and usage habits of the facilities.
  • Identification of deficiencies in energy efficiency and proposal of suitable actions to solve these deficiencies, optimising energy consumption, by means of a savings verification measurement plan.
  • Action plan for the proposed measures, investments and payback periods.
  • Energy Certificate of the building, using the general procedure for the certification of buildings, to simulate the energy performance and obtain results in order to include the proposed measures to optimise this performance.

The objective of the administration of the Junta de Andalucía and its instrumental entities is to improve the energy efficiency of the hospital by reducing energy consumption and decarbonising the facilities.

After an exhaustive analysis and measurements carried out in the hospital, the proposals for improvements studied are summarised below:

  • Actions in Lighting Installations: Replacement of current lighting equipment with less efficient technologies with LED lighting technology.
  • Actions in Air Conditioning Installations:
  1. Replacement of the heat generating equipment, where an increase in the performance of the equipment and the replacement of the energy source is proposed, changing from Diesel C to electricity, being evident the decarbonisation of the installations.
  2. Replacement of the Air Treatment Units (ATU). The proposal consists of replacing the current equipment with equipment with important characteristics in terms of energy efficiency, heat recovery, high efficiency turbines, CO2 sensors to regulate the renewals/hour.
  3. Insulation in ventilation ducts.
  • Steam Generator Actions: Replacement of steam generation boilers with water-tube boilers.
  • Renewable Energy Actions: Photovoltaic installation for self-consumption through photovoltaic canopies.
  • Thermal Envelope Actions:
  1. Improvement in the building envelope, by incorporating insulation in flat roof and the implementation of a SATE system on the facade.
  2. Replacement of current windows with single glazing and frames without thermal break for double glazing with PVC frames and thermal break.

The results have been obtained through simulations of the different proposed measures in order to obtain the energy performance of the building and its subsequent comparison with the energy performance without energy efficiency measures.

As a conclusion, the Hospital Universitario Costa del Sol, thanks to the proposed measures incorporated by Bettergy, has achieved a saving in non-renewable primary energy consumption of more than 40%, which is in line with the decarbonisation objective of the facilities.

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