Bettergy and Clariane: Energy Management Success Stories

Bettergy has been providing its energy management services with our EnergySequence platform for more than five years to Clariane, a leading multinational company in the care of the elderly through its nursing homes and mental health centres, achieving impressive results:

Main Achievements:

  • Management and monitoring of consumption for 332 CUPS.
  • Weekly meetings to review the energy situation and management of CUPS.
  • Significant reduction in energy costs through efficient management.

Scope of the Service:

  • Management with commercialisation companies for new customers, cancellations and changes of ownership.
  • Advice on subsidies with more than 50 newsletters on energy efficiency subsidies.
  • Comprehensive management of the change of marketers, achieving savings of 31% in kWh consumed.

Additional services:

Bettergy continues to demonstrate its commitment to energy efficiency and sustainability, helping Clariane to achieve its energy targets and reduce its carbon footprint.

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