Boosting Energy Efficiency in Cities

Since 2021, Bettergy has been the strategic ally in the energy management of Sanlúcar de Barrameda Town Council. Our commitment and experience have provided numerous benefits, ensuring an efficient and sustainable management.

Benefits of the Energy Management Service:
🔸 Monitoring of 267 CUPS for exhaustive control of energy consumption.
🔸 Advanced monitoring: Energy controlled at all supply points via DATADIS.
🔸 Efficient management that guarantees a reduction in energy costs.
🔸 Expert advice: Regulatory and legal guidance on energy efficiency.

Outstanding Achievements:

  • Optimised consumption in 2023, by the City Council was 3,854,901 kWh.
  • Monthly verification of invoices and optimisation of contracted power.
  • Management and application for energy efficiency subsidies.

Bettergy offers savings, control and security to its customers. With a vision of permanent accompaniment, we ensure that our customers understand and manage their energy consumption and associated costs, protecting them from fluctuations in the energy market.

We have extensive experience in energy management for a diverse range of clients, from industrial to multi-point.

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