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What is energy management?

It is the set of activities that are carried out on electricity, water and gas supplies on a constant basis.

They are oriented from the efficiency and energy and economic saving.

What do we offer to our customers?

The energy management service provides the customer with savings, control and security.

It is a permanent accompaniment to know how their energy consumption and associated costs are evolving so that the customer can be aware of and protected from the current hostile energy situation.

We have experience with the energy management of all types of customers. Among our clients, we can find:

Industrial customers

With few supply points and high consumption, which are particularly sensitive to the current energy situation.

Multi-Site customers

With many supply points of variable consumption. Particularly benefits from the information management of each of the supply points that is carried out during energy management.


These types of public buildings are very similar to multi-site clients, but it should be noted that they can have a variety of energy assets, such as buildings, lighting, motors, traffic-light network, etc.

Innovative technical solution

I want to know more

For a direct and personalized advice for the Energy Management of your company, do not hesitate to contact us.

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The rest of the energy managers, usually work for commercial companies, so by having a 360° team, the client can be sure that the best decisions are always made in their best interest. Bettergy’s intelligent energy, environmental and noise data management solutions transform the way people live, work and play today.

Energy analysis: Data analysis and energy savings.

Comprehensive energy management through our EnergySequence platform.

Implementation of improvement measures.

Submetering: measures and analyzes the energy consumption of the building or facility, identifies areas of opportunity to improve energy efficiency and reduce costs.

Advice on the purchase of energy and PPAs.

Conducting advanced studies on energy issues.

Newsletter with information on new regulations and current subsidies.

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