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Our goal: To reduce carbon emissions and ensure a sustainable future for our planet.

Cities and the business fabric must develop decarbonization strategies to achieve climate neutrality by 2050, complying with regulations such as the European Green Pact and the “Fit-for-55” measures.

Empowering a world where less is more

Did you know that about 75% of all greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions come from energy use?

Understanding how energy flows through your operations is key to reducing your carbon footprint. Fortunately, we happen to be experts in the field, backed by nearly two decades as industry leaders.

Energy use is the leading cause of greenhouse gas emissions. This means that energy reduction, no matter how small, is the most impactful way to improve your carbon footprint. As the number one provider of energy efficiency solutions, we can show you the practical steps to reach your decarbonization goals.

At Bettergy, we help you achieve the goals of your decarbonization strategy through a plan of tangible measures, using the most appropriate technology in an efficient and competitive manner. We have advised international companies, cities and governments through international financial institutions.

Decarbonization of the energy industry

At Bettergy, we accelerate the transition to a decarbonized energy industry. To achieve this transformation and make the most of the opportunities, it is necessary to combine the most advanced technologies, new energy carriers and improve energy efficiency.

Incorporating sustainability into your company's strategy

To carry out this energy transition, industries and large organizations in various sectors need a decarbonization partner to accompany them throughout the process and help them achieve the established objectives.

The value of having a decarbonization partner

At Bettergy, we advise you on the best long-term decarbonization strategy and execute the necessary short-term projects to achieve the established objectives.


Helping you to be Carbon Neutral

At Bettergy, we accompany our clients on the journey towards decarbonization by analyzing the organization’s current situation in terms of CO2 emissions and its carbon footprint reduction strategy.

¿What is the Carbon foorprint?

The carbon footprint is the inventory of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions released into the atmosphere as a result of the development of any activity, service, or product. The calculation of the carbon footprint encompasses all stages of the development of an activity, providing information that can be used as an indicator and starting point for the development of a company’s emission reduction strategy.

Emissions associated with a company’s activity can be classified as direct or indirect emissions based on three scopes:

  • Scope 1: Direct GHG emissions. For example, emissions from combustion in sources owned or controlled by the entity in question (boilers, furnaces, vehicles). It also includes fugitive emissions (e.g., leaks from air conditioning, CH4 leaks from ducts, etc.).
  • Scope 2: Indirect GHG emissions associated with the generation of electricity purchased and consumed by the organization.
  • Scope 3: Other indirect emissions made by third parties or through the use of products or services offered by others: the life cycle of fuels and materials purchased by the organization, business travel through external means, the transportation of raw materials, fuels, and products (for example, logistics activities).

The process to achieve carbon neutrality involves finding the best combination of the following four variables:

Energy efficiency

Renewable energy

Carbon offsetting

Process electrification

Benefits of decarbonization

Starting on the road to decarbonization offers numerous advantages that have a significant impact on improving competitiveness.

Who can benefit from decarbonization?

Medium and large companies, as well as large organizations from various sectors, that face CO2 constraints or have environmental concerns, can benefit from decarbonization.

Innovative technical solution


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