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Pioneers in efficiency guidance

Bettergy, as a certified Digital Energy Services Company For more than ten years, we have been guiding utilities, industrial and commercial companies, public customers and individuals towards a more energy-efficient future. That’s why we are recognized as energy experts who never stop innovating.

Our data-driven technology solutions and our EnergySequence platform and diverse network of expert consultants implement cost-effective solutions on an ongoing basis.

The result? We all save energy while saving the planet.

In addition to the traditional actions focused on implementing Energy Efficiency programs, such as Energy Auditing Facilities, implementing ISO 50.001 type Energy Management Systems, defining MAEs and implementing those measures with technical-financial solutions, Bettergy is one of the first Delegated Subjects at national level for the Management of Energy Saving Certificates or CAEs.

What is Energy Efficiency?

In its most basic definition, Energy Efficiency is the ability to obtain the best results in any activity using the least possible amount of energy resources in Industry, commercial or residential sector.

Energy Efficiency is about correcting energy mismatches, for the use of energy in an efficient and consistent way with the world around us. Through the implementation of measures that help to improve the electrical or thermal consumption.


Improvements for the environment by reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Energy and cost savings: By using fewer energy resources to carry out an activity, energy is saved.

Lower energy costs translate into lower energy bills.

It generates an undeniable increase in employment, due to the fact that it is a growing sector as a result of the global concern for sustainable development and energy saving.

Can we help you understand?

Energy Efficient Modeling and Analysis

Bettergy’s web intelligence platform creates an energy model for each building within a customer’s array to understand opportunities and be able to effectively evaluate energy efficiency management opportunities.

Bettergy provides resources to help utilities and end customers increase building energy efficiency and improve loyalty and implementation of energy efficiency programs.


What does Bettergy contribute to Energy Efficiency?

We are comprehensive energy managers with scope of services such as energy purchasing, energy audits…etc. And in our work as energy managers, we have developed an intelligent web platform, EnergySequence, a virtual energy manager for energy efficiency that offers monitoring services, control, alerts and energy improvement measures.