Sustainable Energy Transformation at Camping Pico de la Miel, S.A: Photovoltaic Installation of 100.35 kWp

The camping Pico de la Miel, S.A. located in La Cabrera, Madrid, has chosen Bettergy to carry out the installation of a photovoltaic plant in its facilities. This installation will accumulate a total power of 100,35kWp.

The photovoltaic installation will be divided in two areas of the campsite and will be composed of 223 photovoltaic modules of monocrystalline silicon cells. The generation will be produced by connecting the solar modules to 3 inverters: in the restaurant area 2 of them (30 kW and 40 kW) and in the reception area the remaining one (30 kW).

The photovoltaic generator has been configured in such a way as to optimize the inverter performance (function of the input power and the voltage at the maximum power point).

Monitoring system: Energy Sequence

The photovoltaic installation will be monitored through the Energy Sequence platform, where alerts can be configured and behavioral profiles can be detected.

This application shows the main parameters of the photovoltaic plant and its interaction with the rest of the energy consumption of the installation, cross-referencing it with the existing environmental conditions.

In addition to the visualization by the Energy Sequence platform, the inverters and the monitoring equipment allow to follow the production of the installation through the “ShinePhone” application.

Savings Data

In total, the annual consumption of the building is 407.99 MWh per year, while the production of the plant will be 139.5 MWh, enough to cover approximately 34.19% of the energy consumed by the facilities of Camping Pico de la Miel per year.

Of all the energy produced, 112.06 MWh will be self-consumed, which corresponds to 80.3% of the plant’s production, while the remaining 19.7% will be fed into the grid. In total, the percentage of self-consumption of energy in the building will be 34.19%.

The environmental balance of the installation, in terms of CO2 emissions reduction, represents a saving of 58.06 Tn CO2/year.

Reducing environmental impact

  • Noise pollution: The operation of this project does not involve noise emissions.
  • Waste and spills: No waste is expected to be produced during the lifetime of the photovoltaic installation.
  • Atmospheric pollution: The implementation of this project will reduce emissions of polluting gases by reducing the amount of electricity consumed from the grid.

Bettergy continues its development work in these projects, betting on a complete turnkey integration for its customers, digitizing and supplying and installing the equipment, providing its experience in energy project engineering, and at the same time managing the different available subsidies.

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