EmPOWER: Virtual energy manager for SMEs that provides services to have control over energy contracting, consumption data and innovative energy efficiency services

Call for proposals: Innovative Business Clusters AEI 2023

Duration: 05/16/2023 – 04/17/2024


  • Smart City Cluster
  • Bettergy S.L.
  • PaoPao Digital SL (SABBATIC)
  • Enchainté Tech SL (BLOOCK)
  • AEI Cibersecurity and Advanced Technologies

Project budget: 363,611.00 €.

Grant awarded: 218.166,00 €.

Description and Objectives:

EmPOWER (Energy Management Power) is a virtual energy manager for SMEs that provides services to have control over energy contracting, consumption data and connection with innovative energy efficiency services to reduce electricity bills.

The project translates into a digital solution focused on companies having full control of SMEs in their relationship with their electricity supply, to enable the maximum potential offered by consumption data to scale energy efficiency.

At EmPOWER we have designed a set of services to guarantee the customer’s peace of mind regarding the bill they pay through the digitalization and control of the energy contracting process and the automatic verification of invoices. It also contains a service to enable the exploitation of consumption data and convert them into tangible energy savings. Thanks to technology, consumers will be able to decide with whom they share their consumption profile, enabling the integration of third-party services that allow them to quantify, in a personalized way and from an economic perspective, savings measures.

At the technological level, the following challenges are postulated:

  • Develop an intelligent invoice digitalization service that allows to extract and digitalize the content of an invoice by scanning it with a mobile device and using a QR code.
  • Develop a service for the intelligent review of contracts and their specific clauses.
  • Develop a service for registration, certification and traceability of energy consumption and contracts using secure authentication systems.
  • Implement/adapt the Green Button standard.

From a commercial perspective, EmPOWER is a platform made up of 4 services:

  1. MyMetter. Freedom to choose the smartest proprietary meter on the market. More information, with higher resolution, for greater consumer protection.
  2. MyData. Enhancing the value of consumer data. The data is continuously updated, so that, with each change of supplier, the data history is preserved.
  3. MyBill. Virtual assistant to negotiate and contract the best energy tariff. Supports contract verification and automatic invoice monitoring. Includes an independent offer comparator.
  4. MyApps. Allows authorizing and managing third-party applications’ access to consumer data to achieve the maximum potential savings inherent in the data.

In summary, the EmPOWER project focuses on empowering SMEs in their relationship with their electricity supply, offering services focused on monitoring consumption data, correcting bills, and leveraging data for energy efficiency. The suite of coherent services puts the consumer at the center, enabling them to make informed decisions and maximize their savings potential.


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