Famadesa Group relies on Bettergy to decarbonize its farms

Bettergy, as a digital Energy Services company, specialized in the meat sector, advises from the Federation of Food and Beverage Industries, FIAB, to some of the main associations of the sector, in particular, has been carrying out this advice for companies in the Meat Sector within the National Association of Meat Industries, ANICE.

Bettergy has been commissioned to carry out a photovoltaic installation on the roof of its facilities, located in Puente Genil, Córdoba, for Almargeña de Integración S.A., a customer in the exploitation, production and distribution of livestock, agricultural and livestock products.

The installation consists of 112 540W photovoltaic modules and a 60kW nominal inverter. The total installed peak power will be 60.48 kWp.

Thanks to this installation, Almargeña de Integración SA will obtain the following advantages:

  • Partial change in the energy source of Almargeña de Integración SA towards a renewable, sustainable and environmentally friendly energy.
  • Savings, from the moment of installation, in the electricity bill and control over the electrical performance of the installation.
  • Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere, limiting the carbon footprint.
  • Reinforcement of image with a visible and innovative performance, differentiating itself as an entity committed to sustainable development and climate change.

Comprehensive energy management and implementation of improvement measures.

Bettergy has been providing its 360º energy management services for 1 year and 6 months. Through the service carried out by Bettergy, the following achievements have been obtained:

Management of incidents in 28 supply points with a total reimbursement of 6.658,73€.
Reduction of energy costs thanks to the energy management work.

Within the scope of the aforementioned service, the following are highlighted:

  • Negotiation of energy prices and periodic proposal of savings alternatives with tariff changes.
  • Advice on subsidies, newsletters of energy efficiency subsidies sent, 2 of which are potentially applicable to the company.
  • Optimization of contracted power.

Reducing the energy consumed not only translates into economic savings but also into a reduction of harmful emissions of carbon dioxide into the environment, which contributes substantially to the conservation of the environment.

Asesórate con expertos

Si quieres conocer más detalles sobre la instalación fotovoltaica o de puntos de recarga, en Bettergy podemos ayudarte en el 952 025 789 / 651 46 87 26 o por correo a través de comercial@bettergy.es

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