Infrico joins Bettergy to develop a model of Sustainable, Digital, and Efficient Industry

Infrico is an industrial company located in Lucena (Córdoba) dedicated to the manufacture of refrigeration equipment and accessories for businesses in the agri-food sector and the food trade. In its production center of more than 160,000m2, it has the entire integrated chain of production, logistics, offices and marketing.

Founded in 1986, Infrico focuses its business on refrigeration systems equipped with high quality and technological solutions, innovating in the products it sells, which are certified by independent organizations.

The company’s values include a commitment to stability and work-life balance.

In its commitment to quality and excellence, Infrico needed a solution oriented to the monitoring and management of energy consumption in order to identify the energy performance of the different areas that make up its production plant: showcases, warehouse, laser cutting, tables, etc.

With the requirements of compliance with the management system that the company has, it was essential to identify the energy costs that directly affect the operation of its activities, presenting a problem of hidden base consumption among the more than 15 switchboards that the plant has.

Bettergy has implemented a submetering data acquisition system in several production lines to track the evolution of energy consumption on an hourly basis. The installed equipment allows measuring and sending data of intensity, voltage, energy, etc., among others, to be monitored in the EnergySequence web application.

In parallel and complementing the system implemented, Bettergy has carried out an energy audit to evaluate various improvement measures and energy consumption disaggregated among the different areas of the building. Infrico has also identified a base demand of 200 kW from various areas on which Infrico will be able to act with various operational measures.

With this project, Infrico can monitor in a detailed and precise way more than 40% of the consumption in different production lines; likewise, it has been able to identify the base consumption that it has as a hidden cost and that will allow it in certain periods to obtain up to 20% savings directly.

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