Operation of Self-consumption in Neighborhood Communities

What is collective self-consumption?

We speak of collective self-consumption when the electricity from the same installation is used by more than one consumer. The most common is solar photovoltaic.

Objective: total or partial energy self-supply.

Electricity can be consumed at the time it is generated, stored in storage systems or, otherwise, fed into the grid as a surplus.

Within the modalities of collective self-consumption, the communities of neighbors located in a block of apartments are in the one corresponding to collective self-consumption in an internal network with surplus and compensation.

It is an internal network because the consumers are connected directly to the solar panels, without the need for the electricity to pass through the wiring of the electrical distribution network. Finally, it is a surplus installation because the energy not consumed is fed back into the grid with financial compensation through a direct deduction of the electricity fed into the monthly bill.

Therefore, Bettergy offers the EnergySequence platform, which combines energy efficiency knowledge and data analytics to provide reliable and intelligent energy saving recommendations.

Bettergy now extends its utilities by launching a new module that allows to generate photovoltaic studies in the collective self-consumption mode, which completes a suite that includes a solar calculator, customized reports for photovoltaic offers, enhancing the user experience.

How does the photovoltaic system work?

The installation is mainly composed of photovoltaic panels located on a roof or fixed structure. As it is a collective self-consumption installation, it is necessary to install a generation meter that allows the generation and distribution among the different associated consumptions to be counted.

Additionally, battery storage can be included, which allows the accumulation of electricity in hours of overproduction to be used at other times of the day.

How is the energy distributed among the neighbors?

Distribution coefficient: percentage of energy that corresponds to each consumer, which is communicated to the distributor so that it can make the reading correctly. At present, the distribution of energy is static and is fixed by means of an agreement between the self-consumers. However, it is planned that in the near future the distribution can be hourly, which will make it possible to better adjust the use of the installation to the different uses.

It is important to note that the more self-produced energy consumed, the greater the utilization of the installation. Each self-generated kWh has a value up to three times higher than if it is compensated as surplus.

What is the cost of the installation?

Each installation is different and both the cost and the payback period may vary. From Bettergy we offer you the possibility to quickly know what would be the total cost, the savings generated, the number of panels needed and the total power to install.

One of the strengths of the EnergySequence platform is its ability to support different financing models, thus allowing you to simulate models through which the end user:

  • Acquisition of the plant in property at the beginning.
  • Leasing models whereby the user pays a fee for the installation.
  • PPA models in which the investment is made by a third party and the end user will only pay for the self-consumed energy.

There are currently subsidies for self-consumption, batteries and renewable air conditioning. The initial budget is 660 million euros, expandable to 1,320 million euros.

From Bettergy we take care of the whole process of application, management and justification of the subsidy.

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