EnergySequence: Collective Self-Consumption

EnergySequence: A tool to facilitate the efficient implementation of Collective Self-consumption installations.

Collective self-consumption, as highlighted in the EU Directive 2018/2001 Art. 21:2 a), aims to guarantee the access and right of citizens to be able to generate, sell, store and share self-generated energy.

From Bettergy we understand that collective self-consumption should be placed as a lever of energy transition in industrial sectors, municipalities, rural municipalities, urbanizations and communities of owners. There is no more time to lose.

The EnergySequence platform combines knowledge of energy efficiency, data analytics to provide reliable and intelligent energy saving recommendations, Bettergy now extends its utilities by launching a new module that allows to generate photovoltaic studies in the form of collective self-consumption, which completes a suite that includes a solar calculator, customized reports for photovoltaic offers, improving the user experience.

EnergySequence digitizes this experience, making it easier for solar energy developers, marketers and installers to efficiently carry out collective self-consumption projects. It is a project modeling tool to streamline the sales process, which allows the creation of professional proposals in a matter of minutes.

The development of this new functionality has been possible thanks to the collaboration of the consulting firm JQ ADVISORS and the marketer GASHOGAR, a pioneer in this field that provides its customers, as well as any individual or company interested in this modality, with a flexible and customized participation model.

GASHOGAR has created a facilitating model so that anyone interested can access the benefits of self-consumption, making the adoption of the regulatory framework simple, and the direct participation of the consumer in the savings without requiring their investment, a model that stands out for offering transparent and easy to understand information.

Generating a study consists of a reduced number of steps, the user starts by selecting all those installations that he/she wants to consider in the study and the platform, through optimization algorithms, will size the power of the installation and the distribution assigned to each installation, minimizing the payback period.

In addition, the platform allows the possibility of studying different participation alternatives. Currently, one of the main reasons for the boom in photovoltaic solar energy is the existing versatility in terms of financing the investment of self-consumption plants.

One of the strengths of the EnergySequence platform is its ability to support different financing models, thus allowing to simulate models whereby the end user:

  • Acquires the plant in property at the beginning.
  • Leasing models whereby the user pays a fee for the installation.
  • PPA models in which the investment is made by a third party and the end user will only pay for the self-consumed energy.

One aspect to highlight is that by carrying out collective self-consumption studies, not only photovoltaic studies can be generated, but also savings studies can be generated for each of the installations included in the study.

In this way, energy marketers will not only be able to offer their customers photovoltaic self-consumption, but will also be able to provide additional value by combining savings through tariff changes, compensation of surpluses or power optimization.

If you want more information about collective self-consumption and do not know where to start, at Bettergy we can help you, offering you a suite of tools to analyze projects in a simple and intuitive way with a high degree of customization, a solution that generates the necessary information so that anyone can decide to join this new energy saving opportunity, as well as contribute to curb climate change by reducing their CO2 emissions.

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