Energy Certificates in buildings of more than 500m2

Companies with buildings larger than 500 m2 will have to have an energy certificate before June 3, 2023. For companies in industrial sectors, the obligation is reduced to non-industrial spaces such as offices. At Bettergy we are experts in Solar Photovoltaic Self-consumption and Energy Efficiency Installations, so we can help you in the realization of energy certificates for buildings and comply with RD 390/2021.


  • Commercial: stores, supermarkets, department stores, shopping centers and similar.
  • Public residential: hotels, hostels, residences, pensions, tourist apartments and similar.
  • Cultural: theaters, cinemas, museums, auditoriums, congress centers, exhibition halls, libraries and similar.
  • Recreational activities: casinos, recreational halls, night clubs, discotheques and the like.
  • Catering: bars, restaurants, cafeterias and the like.
  • Transportation of persons: stations, airports and the like.
  • Sports: gymnasiums, sports centers and the like.
  • Places of worship, religious and similar uses


  • Buildings officially protected for their historical or architectural value, provided that the efficiency measures to be implemented involve an alteration of their appearance.
  • Temporary buildings with an expected period of use equal to or less than two years.
  • Non-residential industrial, defense and agricultural buildings, or parts thereof, with low energy demand. Those areas that do not need to guarantee thermal comfort conditions, such as those used for workshops and industrial processes, will be considered to have a low energy demand.
  • Independent buildings, i.e. not in contact with other buildings and with a total useful area of less than 50 m2.
  • Buildings that are purchased for demolition or for certain renovations.


The developer or owner of the building or part of it, will be responsible for commissioning the certification. He will also be responsible for keeping the corresponding documentation.

The obligation to obtain an energy performance certificate will NOT apply in case of already having a certificate in force.

The EEC will have a maximum validity of 10 years, except when the energy rating is G, whose maximum validity will be 5 years.

-DEADLINE: 03 JUNE 2022 (one year from the entry into force of the RD).

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