Bettergy leads Energy Audits and Improvement Plans in Educational Centers of Extremadura

The Department of Education and Employment of the Regional Government of Extremadura, as the institution in which the self-government of the Autonomous Community of Extremadura is organized, has defined the scope of the services to be provided by Bettergy as the successful bidder for lots 01, corresponding to C.E.I.P. and C.R.A., and lot 09, corresponding to I.E.S. and I.E.S.O.

These services have consisted of:

  • The realization of energy audits in public educational centers of the Autonomous Community of Extremadura where specific improvement opportunities are identified and analyzed for the correction of situations of dysfunctionality and energy inefficiencies.
  • Energy certificates of public schools, analyzing the base case and modeling the case through the proposed improvement opportunities.
  • Development of an Energy Efficiency Improvement Plan.

Educational centers are an important part of the building sector, where students, teachers and administrative and service personnel carry out their work activities. The objective of the Regional Ministry of Education and Employment of the Regional Government of Extremadura is to decarbonize schools by providing them with the best conditions of safety, health, comfort and energy efficiency.

Bettergy, as the company awarded the contract, has extensive experience in identifying deficiencies and proposing improvements.

Through an exhaustive visit to collect data and identify deficiencies, the proposals have been classified into different categories:

  • Actions for the bioclimatic/environmental adaptation of the exterior spaces of the building.
  • Actions on the thermal envelope of the building.
  • Actions on the energy systems or installations. Within this group, a distinction is made between energy-producing installations and energy-consuming installations.
  • Actions to improve indoor air quality and improve thermal comfort in spaces subject to critical thermal conditions.
  • Actions for self-consumption of electricity from photovoltaic solar energy.

Although the set of measures is common, each center has had an individualized analysis according to the deficiencies identified.

With this project, the deficiencies in terms of safety, health, comfort and energy efficiency of the analyzed schools have been identified.

This has led to a reduction of more than 40% in the consumption of non-renewable primary energy and CO2 emissions to the atmosphere in all the schools, in pursuit of the objective of decarbonization.

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