Renewed Energy: Optimizing Efficiency in the healthcare sector, Hospital Clínico de Málaga

Bettergy has been in charge of carrying out the framework agreement for the homologation of the energy audit service for the buildings of the administration of the Junta de Andalucía and its instrumental entities, in this case for the Hospital Clínico de Málaga (belonging to the Virgen de la Victoria Hospital complex in Málaga).

These services consisted of:

  • The realization of the energy audit of the Hospital Universitario Virgen de la Victoria, analyzing the supplies and consumption equipment of the center, as well as the integration of improvement actions in which a measurement plan for the verification of savings and measures of energy efficiency of production equipment is included.
  • Energy certificate of the hospital, analyzing the base case and modeling the case through the proposed improvement opportunities.

The objective of the administration of the Junta de Andalucía and its instrumental entities is to improve the energy efficiency of the hospital, the reduction of energy consumption and the decarbonization of the center.

  • Solutions proposed by Bettergy

After an exhaustive data collection and measurements carried out at the hospital, the proposals for improvements studied are summarized below:

  • Lighting: Replacement of current lighting equipment with less efficient technologies with LED lighting technology.
  • Air conditioning: Replacement of the refrigeration generating equipment, which has significant deficiencies, with more energy-efficient equipment. In addition, it is proposed to replace the equipment responsible for the renewal of the air inside the different rooms of the hospital, as well as the distribution systems that feed this equipment.
  • Renewable energies: It is proposed, on the one hand, the replacement of the solar thermal installation, which had reached its useful life, for others with higher performance. On the other hand, a study has been carried out for the implementation of a photovoltaic solar installation on the available roof of the hospital, for the generation and self-consumption of electricity from renewable sources.
  • Building envelope: Improvement of the building envelope through the installation of a ventilated façade. In addition, due to the inefficiencies found in this regard, the replacement of the hospital’s exterior windows is proposed.
  • Other savings measures: Other proposals to improve energy efficiency include the installation of magnetic detectors in windows, frequency variators in pumps, centralization of monitoring systems and optimization of contracted power.

In addition, a series of good practices have been proposed that also contribute in a direct and simple way to obtain energy savings and achieve greater energy efficiency.

  • Results obtained

With these proposed savings measures, it is estimated that annual energy savings of more than 30% of the primary energy currently consumed by the hospital will be achieved. In addition, it has been estimated that direct and indirect greenhouse gas emissions will be reduced by more than 30% compared to previous emissions.

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