Energy Saving Certificates (ESCs)

Bettergy will be one of the first Delegated Subjects authorized to offer the management of Energy Saving Certificates. Bettergy offers to the energy consuming company the turnkey project services to identify and manage the CAE, which includes:

  • The commercial work of searching for the implementation of actions that lead to energy savings, as well as the search for Obligated Subjects and/or Delegates to acquire the right over those savings.
  • Carrying out the EPC of the implementation of energy saving actions.
  • To prepare the forms and documents to accredit the Energy Saving Certificate.
  • Advise on the choice of CAE purchase offers.
  • Advise on the signing of the CAE agreement.
  • Assisting your company before the verifiers and evaluating bodies that will inspect the CAE.

The CAE (Energy Saving Certificates) are documents that prove that the energy consumer has carried out the necessary energy efficiency improvement actions to obtain annual energy savings.

This instrument allows monetizing energy savings, recovering part of the cost of energy efficiency investments, carrying out measures such as:

  • Change of lighting.
  • Improvement of thermal insulation.
  • Renovation of industrial or domestic equipment, etc.

This is because the end user could obtain compensation by marketing the savings achieved, after certification through the Energy Saving Certification System (CAE).

One point to note about these documents is that they can be registered up to 3 years after an action has been carried out as long as it has been executed from 24/01/2023 and up to 01/01/2031.

Why does the CAE system affect you as a company?

The CAE system has been created to oblige a number of energy trading companies to obtain the rights to energy savings; these rights can be obtained in two ways:

  • Paying the National Energy Efficiency Fund (FNEE) an annual payment based on the energy they market.
  • Buying the right to energy savings, reflected in a CAE, from companies that have implemented energy efficiency actions in their buildings or facilities.

Implementation mode

To implement the energy efficiency actions, the energy consumer can do it in two ways:

  • Option A: Assume with own capital the investment for energy efficiency actions (change of lighting, air conditioning, etc.): the owner of the CAE right will be the energy consumer himself.
  • Option B: Sign an Energy Services Contract (ESCO) with a specialized company: the owner of the CAE right will be the company specialized in ESCO.

In the case of Option A of assuming the energy efficiency actions with the consumer’s own capital: the CAE will allow the consumer to obtain an additional income in addition to the economic savings associated with the energy savings of the energy efficiency action; this income will come from selling the CAE right to a third party.

In the case of Option B of signing an Energy Services Contract (ESCO) with another company: the right to sell the PPA will be implicitly included in the assigned savings fee.

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