SMART ENERGY DEMAND MANAGEMENT. Energy and consumption management platform

The SMART ENERGY DEMAND MANAGEMENT (SMART) project enables the development of a web intelligence platform for building energy efficiency.

The SMART tool offers a suite of solutions integrated by four advanced service modules. In the following, we briefly describe for each module the high-level functionality and its benefits:

  • Module 1: Facility Operational Management: Makes it possible to perform an adjustment of operations to the actual demand of processes or occupancy of a building through direct control of facilities. The main benefit of this module is a reduction of the kWh consumed through a continuous control and verification of the operating instructions that are established.
  • Module 2: Dynamic energy management: Its functionality allows minimizing the economic cost of the kWh consumed through the dynamic optimization of the process of purchase, generation, storage, and final energy consumption.
  • Module 3. Measurement and verification of savings in self-consumption installations: Monitoring of solar self-consumption that generates an economic analysis of before and after the installation, allowing an objective quantification of the economic, energy and environmental cost avoided by the system.
  • Module 4. Energy response from demand: Enables the programming of demand response actions based on disconnection, load shifting or energy storage management.

Our main challenge is the development of a set of functionalities that provide cost-benefit analysis to guide decision making under uncertainty in different operations and potential investments based on a catalog of energy solutions.

In addition, the creation of the new SMART platform pursues several OBJECTIVES:

  • Ensure compliance with contractual obligations between companies and end users.
  • Protect the exchange of data and information (traceability, transparency and reliability through Blockchain networks).
  • Move from analysis to action, materializing operational energy efficiency improvements, acting on facilities at two levels, adjusting consumption in kWh and optimizing the cost in €.
  • Increase the technological capabilities and services of our Energy Sequence matrix platform to overcome some of the limitations detected.
  • Reduce CO2 emissions by increasing energy self-sufficiency and demand response.

As RESULTS, it should be noted that the SMART platform aims to:

  • Provide information, based on real data, to identify potential energy investments.
  • Analyze and characterize the energy consumption profiles of a portfolio of facilities.
  • Provide optimal management of energy flows.
  • Suggest new energy use patterns under the prosumer paradigm.
  • Help energy utilities to optimize energy trading and supply planning and thus enable more competitive energy services.

This research and development project receives funding from the EUROPEAN UNION through RED.ES, the entity driving the digital agenda in Spain and dependent on the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation, thanks to the aid granted (File No. 2020/0720/00099431), corresponding to the 2020 call for aid on technological development based on artificial intelligence and other digital enabling technologies, within the framework of the strategic action of economy and digital society of the state R&D&I program aimed at societal challenges and the state program for business leadership in R&D&I.

This project has received an incentive granted by CTA (Technological Corporation of Andalusia).

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