KORIAN GROUP: Leadership in Environmental Commitments and 360 kW PPA

The Korian Group has recently been ranked first among the 47 companies in the Health Services sector worldwide by Vigeo Eiris, an agency specialized in the evaluation of ESG (environmental, social and governance) criteria. The company is dedicated to the design, construction and management of nursing homes and care centers for the elderly. At the environmental level, they aim to reduce CO2 emissions to the atmosphere by 2% per year.

Bettergy has been working with Korian for 3 years in the design and implementation of the strategy aimed at meeting these objectives. To this end, 2 years ago it complied with the European Energy Efficiency Directive and carried out an energy audit of all the French multinational’s assets at national level. It has also digitalized the consumption of the different centers through the EnergySequence platform, which allows the creation of simplified models of the energy management of these centers, preparing a virtual Energy Audit, which allows 360º monitoring of consumption and incidents generated in the different centers.

Bettergy has implemented saving measures focused on reducing energy consumption, among them: Change to LEDs, presence sensors for lighting, optimization of the solar thermal installation for DHW, centralized control of cooling and heating generation systems or installation of frequency inverters.

As an additional measure, Bettergy has developed a PPA contract (Power Purchase Agreement) for three solar installations of a total of 360kW at the Montuiri, Sant Joan and Pollença centers, in order to optimize the conditions for contracting the electricity supply.

Through this contract, it is agreed with a third party that the entity’s supply will be covered by renewable generation, so that a fixed price is set for the purchase of energy (not including access tolls) for a number of years.

Another added benefit of a supply contract based on a PPA is that the origin of the energy is 100% renewable, thus improving the entity’s image and brand.

Upon termination of the PPA contract, the PV plant becomes the property of the Entity at no additional cost. From this moment on, the energy generated by the photovoltaic plant is free of charge (until the end of the useful life, 25 years).

The Entity may acquire the plant before the end of the PPA at a previously agreed price.

A Power of 360.36 kWp has been installed in the residences as a whole, which means an energy production of 546,509 kWh/year, with an Energy Saved Percentage of 29%.

All these actions allow the Korian group to gradually reduce CO2 emissions into the atmosphere, a key aspect in the management included in its Environmental and Social Criteria Evaluation Report.

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