Advantages of installing solar panels on your home

Spain is a country that receives a large number of hours of sunshine per day.

Therefore, it becomes an ideal place to install solar panels to take advantage of this free good and convert it into electricity. In fact, it is a system of use that is gaining more and more followers in our country.

If you still do not have it clear, here we show you its main advantages for your pocket and for nature.

Savings on your electricity bill

The self-consumption thanks to the installation of solar panels allows us a considerable energy saving in our electricity bill because we are supplied with what we produce and not with what the power plants provide us.

In this sense we find two modalities:

  • Connected self-consumption: Energy is produced thanks to the solar panels, but the house remains connected to the traditional electricity grid to be able to make use of this type of electricity if needed.
  • Disconnected self-consumption: The house consumes only what its solar panels produce and has no link to the conventional grid.

Instead of paying, you can actually earn money.

If you are lucky enough to live in a place with many hours of sunshine a day, it is likely that you will produce more electricity than you consume. That surplus can be sold, although there is a nuance to this.

If we produce more than we consume and sell that extra we will not receive any money but what is known as “simplified compensation”, which means that the electricity bill will be reduced by the amount saved by the electricity we have consumed. However, this surplus can be, at most, equal to the amount of energy we have consumed.

If your production is very large and you want to receive money for it, you must register as a producer and then you will receive the corresponding payment.

Add value to the property

As renewable energies have become a symbol of technological and social progress, a house with solar panels installed will gain value in the market.

This could increase the value of your home by 3 to 4%.

Low risk and long term investment

A solar panel installation is amortized in an average of ten years and they are very durable with a minimum yield assured even if the years go by. In addition, they hardly require any maintenance because they have a very simple technological system.

Respect for the environment

Although it is obvious, it is important to think that this type of electrical installation is one of the most respectful with the environment because it is a renewable, clean and free energy.

This is the type of energy that the 2030 agenda set by the European Union wants to promote for the future.

Quieter than other renewable energies

Not only is it a renewable energy, but it also produces less noise pollution than its peers, since a wind or hydro installation can be very noisy.

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