Renting and Technology Financing

Bettergy is a company specialized in providing technology services and solutions.

We assist private companies and public administrations in defining and implementing tailored solutions in technology leasing. We adapt to the needs of each client.

Technology Leasing

Company size is what makes the difference, right?

Not from our perspective. Whether your business is local or international, Bettergy’s leasing services will give you more flexibility and liquidity, and therefore, more profit. We can find the product and technology that suits your needs.

The designated contact person at BETTERGY will create a personalized offer that fits you perfectly. We do not discriminate among companies based on their size; we have a specific solution for each and every one of them.

Your Advantages:

  • We will tailor an offer to suit your needs.
  • You don’t have to wait long to get your new equipment.
  • With us, you can access a wide range of technological assets.
  • We will collaborate with you to find the right type of solution.

Gain an advantage over your competitors with the latest equipment, flexibly and affordably.

Thanks to leasing, you’ll enjoy tax benefits since, through installment payments, you won’t have to pay the full investment amount upfront. Another advantage is that the equipment won’t become obsolete if you choose to renew.

You’ll be able to manage your contracts easily and transparently, as you’ll have access to all the updated information.

Asesórate con expertos

Si quieres conocer más detalles sobre la instalación fotovoltaica o de puntos de recarga, en Bettergy podemos ayudarte en el 952 025 789 / 651 46 87 26 o por correo a través de