Energy manager

Energy Management is the perfect tool to enhance your company’s competitiveness, reduce expenses, and improve your financial balance. It’s not a cost but a savings.

Energy management in an organization becomes an increasingly critical task as energy costs rise and the need to reduce CO2 emissions grows.

Furthermore, legislation will require facilities of a certain size to appoint an “energy manager,” whose responsibilities will include monitoring consumption, conducting energy accounting, and developing energy efficiency improvement programs for the facility, among other tasks.

Carrying out these tasks requires dedication and specific technical knowledge. Many organizations prefer to allocate their resources to activities directly related to their core business and outsource the role of an energy manager.

The technical team at BETTERGY is at your disposal to become the energy manager for your facility. We will remotely monitor your installation and provide ongoing oversight that allows you to meet your energy efficiency goals and regulatory commitments.

Our outsourcing service provides you with a specialized technician dedicated to advising you PERMANENTLY on all aspects of energy management for your facility.

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