Forecasting multiple buildings energy consumption

Recently, Bettergy has been present at the annual conference organized by the Society for Statistics and Operations Research (SEIO) held in Granada, Spain, from June 7 to 10 (

Jesús Huete, R&D engineer of the Bettergy team, participated as a speaker in one of the sessions reserved for advances in Industrial Applications with a joint work with the OASYS research group of the University of Malaga entitled «Forecasting multiple buildings energy consumption».

This work reinforces the link with the academic environment, especially with the University of Malaga and its research staff related to our sector. Quality research and innovation applied to the industrial environment are hallmarks of our company.

At Bettergy we are constantly searching for cutting-edge technological solutions that are aligned with the current and future market. In this case, energy consumption forecasting algorithms allow us to transform the information contained in the data collected by smart meters into flexible applications with a wide variety of uses.

To name a few potential uses:

  • Customer and/or building portfolio segmentation
  • Demand aggregators
  • Optimization of demand response programs
  • Prospecting energy communities
  • Scaling energy efficiency measures
  • Detection of buildings with atypical behaviors
  • Decision support
  • Optimizing the operation of energy assets

This research and development project is partially subsidized by the Ministry of Science and Innovation through the State Research Agency (DIN2019-010492/AEI/ 10.13039/501100011033), in the framework of the 2019 call for grants for contracts for the training of PhDs in companies (Industrial PhDs).

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